Developing My Garage Tracker for iOS with Swift

Swift + My Garage Tracker

Beginning Swift

The Swift programming language was announced by Apple during WWDC in June 2014 and has gradually increased in maturity and stability over the preceding few months.

I had studied the fundamentals of the language almost from the day it was released using the excellent Swift language guide. This provided a great starting point to familiarise myself with some of the newly introduced language constructs and key differences from Objective-C. Undoubtedly however, the best way to really grasp the language was to build a real application. This post documents some of my observations and lessons learned.

From the A-Team to Mission Impossible – the Evolution of the Creative Agency


“In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit.” Say these words to just about anyone aged between 30-50 and they’ll know exactly what, or who, you’re talking about. It is of course the opening monologue to the legendary TV hit series The A-Team, which ruled the airwaves throughout the mid/late 80s and set the scene for a billion playground disputes over who was going to be ‘Face’.

Designing for the new iPhone 6 screen resolutions

Feature image

With the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came a new set of screen sizes, including an entirely new set for the iPhone 6 Plus, which is a first for Apple devices. As designers, this could theoretically add quite a bit of extra work and we need to find the best ways to incorporate designing for them into our workflow.

Getting Createful at the Wirehive 100 Awards


Just last week on October 16th, the Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey saw the annual Wirehive 100 Digital Agency Awards, at which Createful picked up the awards for Best Mobile Project for our work on the Colourless children’s interactive bedtime storybook app.

Using Vector PDF Icons in Xcode 6


With the number of higher density screens on mobile devices rapidly increasing, creating icons for use in user interfaces has become a protracted process, now that we designers need to take into account the newer @3x size. In this blog post we look at how recent updates to Apple’s development tool Xcode 6 allows for scalable vector icons.

Mobile App Prototyping with Marvel

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A few months ago we discovered an excellent online mobile prototyping tool called Marvel which, ever since, has been invaluable to us in mocking up design and behaviour of mobile apps without having to develop them in their entirety…

The Stylish Side of Wearable Tech


Wearable technology is an ever-growing, fast-paced industry, and now that the Apple Watch has been released in a range of styles, it is clear that more attention is being paid to their impact on the fashion industry. In today’s blog we’re taking a look at current and upcoming wearables that are not only stylish, but are also making waves on the wearable market.

Treehouse, Codeacademy & Code School – A Review

Code Academy, Code School & Treehouse

If you’ve recently used YouTube you’ll probably have seen an advert for Treehouse, an online ‘school’ that aims to teach people how to code with just 10 minutes of practice a day. Treehouse is one of a few learning websites that seek to teach coding to those with little or no prior experience. Coding can include both programming and markup, just two components of the applications and websites we make at Createful.