Some digital agencies promise the earth. We stick to what we know and offer these core services with an exceptional level of detail and creativity.

Mobile Applications

Wedding Planner app for iPad

This is the really fun stuff where we get to show off our creativity and innovation with cutting edge technology.

We’ve built a wide range of apps for use on iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Our first release was the Wedding Planner for iPad App which has seen great success on Apple’s App Store. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength, developing some really exciting and innovative apps.

Here at Createful we have a great team of designers and developers that work tirelessly on every exacting detail of the apps we produce. We can design, develop and test in-house – nothing we do gets farmed out overseas, it’s all home-grown talent. Very occasionally we need to look outside our talent pool, but we have a short, tried and tested list of exceptional freelancers we can turn to if we need a specific skillset.

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Devices

Responsive web design is an approach that aims to give all users the optimal viewing experience regardless of the device they are using to view the site. This allows a single website to be tailored to each user’s needs, whether they are using mobile devices or on desktop monitors.

In 2011, 32.6 million subscribers accessed the internet via their mobile phones, an increase of nearly 10 million since 2010 [1]. Clearly this isn’t a phase or a trend. Accessing data over the internet via mobile devices is fast-becoming a normal part of everyday life. The problem is the technology advances so fast it’s hard for companies to keep up. This is where responsive web design comes in.

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Other Stuff We Do

Apps and responsive sites are our “thing” – we live and breathe them. But as talented digital beings with diverse experience in the mobile world, we can turn our hands to all sorts of good stuff. We’ve helped clients with projects covering ecommerce, branding, direct e-marketing, digital strategy, search engine optimisation and analysis, adwords and PPC campaigns and more. Feel free to get in touch to talk about what you need.

  • Design

    We pride ourselves on our eye for detail. Our designers have training and experience grounded in the world of graphic design, typography & visual layout.

  • App Prototyping

    Using the latest prototyping tools, we can design and develop an MVP model of your app that runs on a mobile phone or tablet and helps you get your ideas in front of potential investors - all without a day of app development taking place!

  • Development

    Covering a wide range of programming and development languages, our developers live and breathe code. Nothing leaves the studio until it's been thoroughly tested and put through its paces.

  • Ecommerce

    We can work with existing ecommerce management systems or work with you to offer something bespoke.

  • SEO & PPC

    Our websites are all fully optimised and built from day one with best-practice principles in mind. No one can offer guarantees, but we can help guide you through the maze that is the world of SEO.

  • Digital Strategy

    Business & marketing guru Theodore Levitt is quoted as saying "People don’t want quarter-inch drills. They want quarter inch holes." We approach digital strategy in much the same way - by asking the difficult questions and developing unique and engaging solutions.

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