It’s Friday and it’s the last post in our series of 8s. We really hope you’ve enjoyed gaining a little bit of insight into life at Createful and getting to know a few of us a little more. Our final birthday post is something a little bit different…

What better way to round off than to share eight photos that showcase some significant memories and aspects of working at Createful? I know right, that’s what we thought! Enjoy!

1. Our new sign is given pride of place in our old office

A lot has changed in eight years, but the pride of being part of such a great team of people never fades.

 2. Createful move to Lansdowne

We love our bright, airy space in Bournemouth town centre – and only five minutes walk from the beach! It’s hard to believe it’s nearly five years since we moved here!

3. GoApe team day out and segwaying

On a sunny August day, nothing beats having a laugh riding around on segways, followed by a delicious BBQ.

4. Wirehive 100 Best User Experience 2017

A massive highlight from last year – winning Best User Experience for our redesign and redevelopment of the Bournemouth Air Festival website. Don’t Toby and Ben look smart!

5. We all like to get glammed up every now and again.

Amazing to see how many of us there are now!

6. Bournemouth Air Festival 2017

We had a fab view from the hospitality tent at Bournemouth Air Festival. Another chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company as the summer drew to a close.

 7. Doing out bit for charity on Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day

We love dressing up, especially when it’s for a good cause. Just look at that selection of woolly style!

8. Swanning around

Trying to balance twelve people on an inflatable swan is a lot more difficult than it sounds.


There are, of course, thousands more photos to illustrate the memories and fun we have at Createful – these are just a few of the silliest and most significant from the past eight years. We’re looking forward to catching more moments like this on camera and sharing them with you in the years to come.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series of posts to celebrate our birthday. Now, time to find some more cake. It’s still the birthday week.