Every digital agency is different. With so many in the Bournemouth and Poole area, it’s important that each has their own personality. Createful has been around for 6 years, and in that time we have built our own identity. Ever wondered what it’s like to be Createful? Here is an insight into our world.


Inside the office

We’re based in Lansdowne, on the eventful Holdenhurst Road. Not far from the train station, beach and town centre. At Createful we are lucky enough to have a light office with big windows, perfect for a bit of people watching.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and awhile, you could miss it” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

The office has two colouring walls. We allow that inner child to be free to colour the wallpaper, without getting shouted at! We invite our clients and visitors to have a scribble, after all they are the people that make us Createful.

Our environment is made for work and play. Everyone gets those days where they need to escape their seat, stuck on an issue, forgotten what it’s like away from the screen? We have lots of lego, a selection of consoles including an Xbox, Mega Drive, SNES and Dreamcast, board games, the comfiest sofa and even yoga balls to sit on if we fancy a change from the standard office chairs. If we really feel like escaping our seats, we also have a standing desk.


I love that I don’t have the dread of being in a boring stuffy office every day, instead I enjoy the relaxed and fun atmosphere we have. The office also has a meeting room separate to the studio. It’s very useful to have this area, it is used to hold internal and client meetings, idea sessions or as a room to focus if you need to work alone.

Createful culture

Each week starts with a Monday ‘stand-up’ meeting. We go round, share what we did the previous week, what we have planned for the current week and share any issues that could be stopping us from completing tasks. Once this is done, the important stuff is next – Monday challenge! We take it in turns to set the team a quick challenge. We have had a treasure hunt, a memory test and a few riddles! It’s a great way to start the week.


There is a strict fee of cake if you forget to create a challenge on your turn though. We are big fans of cake, we quite often have treats for the office. Our love of baked goods is shown with our seasonal ‘bake offs’. There’s a structured scoring system, based on taste, presentation and ‘Christmassyness’ for example. Even if you score badly, you get a week of baked goods to try! Doesn’t get much better than that.

We have also recently introduced daily ‘stand-ups’; this is a brief chat for all of the team to share what they will be doing each day. It is very useful to know what the rest of the office are doing, it often gives opportunity for us to help one another or get involved in projects we didn’t necessarily know much about.

Stand-ups provide the opportunity to help one another and get involved in other projects.


Music, one of the biggest debates in any office. Not everyone works well with music, not everyone works well in silence and everyone has their own music taste. So we use ‘Musicbox’ an internal system which contains lots of Spotify playlists, which can be added and controlled by anyone in the office.

The team

We are a small and close team with experience and expertise, we have a great team of designers, developers and client engagement. Besides our ‘stand up’ meetings and general day to day office life, we also like to celebrate our success.

We have ‘Celebrating Success’ meetings once a month, this is time set aside to praise each other and celebrate the success of our work. We also have celebration breakfasts/lunches when projects are finished. This is a great way to make the whole team feel positive and proud of the completed work, we feel this is a very important part of any project.

We also have the occasional activity day, the most recent being half a day at Cyantist, Bournemouth’s only escape room. This involved getting trapped in two different rooms for 60 minutes each and working together to solve puzzles to get out – team building at it’s best!


My favourite thing about being part of Createful is that I get to work with a great team. Not a day goes by where I don’t laugh. We have a relaxed atmosphere but also work really hard together. Even as one of the newest members of staff, I feel very welcome and important to the team.

If you want to get in touch or want to find out more about Createful, join the conversation on Twitter.