On the 1st December, the online auction firm eBay will open their first UK Christmas Boutique store. This so-called “pop-up” store will be located in Soho’s Dean Street, just off Oxford Street within London and will only be open for five days.

The store will have no tills and will only feature very limited selection of Buy-It-Now products. In fact, you wont be able to take away anything you purchase. The store’s concept is to use QR-Codes so that customers can use their smartphones and scan to purchase. This is like a bar code and will take the customer into the eBay payment page within their smartphones. However if you don’t have a smartphone, then there will be a separate area with tablet computers for you to browse and buy from.

QR-Codes has been a major success in countries such as in Japan but not quite so within the UK. It was meant to be the next big thing within the UK, but it just never caught on. Retailers such as Tesco have been experimenting with QR-Codes, and as mentioned in previous blogs also with alternatives like Blippar. So can these “pop-up” stores help the rise of QR-Codes? At the moment I believe so, however with wider adoption of Near Field Communication (NFC) on the horizon then surely there isn’t much life left in QR codes.

QR-Code & NFC

The eBay “pop-up” store represents a sneak peek of what could happen in the future. It could change our shopping experience by using our smartphones to complete the a transaction in person. So if you are in London between the 1st and 5th of December, then make sure you visit the eBay “pop-up” store and let us know what you think about your experience?