MySpace has re-launched and it has only one focus! The one focus that they were known for, making Music social! Justin Timberlake, now part owner of MySpace has executed what could be the beginnings of a MySpace revival. The launch was special, JT special! He announced and released his comeback single, via the new MySpace which was a strategic plan to get people’s attention back on to MySpace again to explore what new site can do.

The new layout is nothing like before; it’s clean and very modern. It has the feel of the Windows 8 Metro design influence.  With a mixture of social media sites together, resembling the likes of the music station element from and the design simplicity of Pinterest. Could this be a winning format?

Scroll this way, please

MySpace is predominantly focused on Musicians! The focus is to bring back the community of unknown bands and musicians back to the site. Back in the glory days it was the site to go to for music (before YouTube took over). This direction is clear as the layout now has a fixed music bar on the bottom of the page.

One thing users may find difficult though is the simple fact that you now need to scroll left and right to explore the content, which doesn’t feel as natural on a desktop as it doest on a tablet.

Overal the new design is miles better than any previous attempts of a re-brand so far. We like the design because we hate clutter, and love the simplicity of the new layout.

So what are your thoughts on the latest MySpace design?