understanding the importance of website security and why hackers attack

Your Website Security: Who’s Hacking You?

Penned by on 2 Feb, 2017

When we talk to our clients about website security, it is rare for the conversation to drift into the realms of who is actually doing the physical attack or why “smaller” companies, with no obvious benefits to the attacker, are hacked. What tends to be more of a priority is how we can assist in securing them from future attacks and the associated cost of implementing a robust support package. Interestingly though, understanding the “who” is attacking and the “why” they do it can help companies come to terms with the very real threat to their key customer communication platform and prepare them to secure their site accordingly.

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Busy London

Leaving London – A sweet farewell

Penned by on 3 Nov, 2016

31st December 2015. That’s the date that I officially parted ways with the capital after more than a decade-long love affair with her. In the space of a few frantic months; myself, my wife and Darcey the dog sold up in South West London and moved lock, stock and barrel to the sunny south coast…

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