How to have a happy and meaningful relationship… with your agency

Now that the Valentine’s roses have started to wilt, we thought we would explore a trend that has been gaining traction in the marketing world over the last couple of years. We have seen more brands moving their creative, social and development “in-house”, a process that can have many benefits. That being said, there is a commercial reality to moving teams in-house that may not always be viable for a lot of clients. That’s when bringing in an agency can make a lot of sense.

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16 Feb, 2017 | Becky Willis

6 signs it’s time to change your website

There comes a point where something that you invested good money and time in may need replacing. At the time it was current, exciting and I bet you were pretty proud of it. Maybe it’s no longer fit for purpose or maybe it’s just tired – and this happens with websites too. So how do you know when it’s time to let go and reinvest in an updated website?

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26 Jan, 2017 | Becky Willis

A Createful New Year

It’s 2017 and we are very excited to start off this new year. 2016 saw a lot go down that people weren’t too happy about, and many have even branded it “the worst year ever”. However at Createful we had a pretty fantastic year: Our team grew; we had great success in our Christmas Campaign “Three French Hens”; “Geoff the Wizard” was born; we were lucky enough to work with some exciting new clients and startups; we had some immensely talented interns come through our doors, and, naturally, we had a lot of cake!

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5 Jan, 2017 | Becky Willis

Pokémon Go: Riding the wave of nostalgia novelty or awesome user experience?

In case you missed it (maybe you live in space….), Pokémon Go has burst into our lives over the last week whether we like it or not. Within the Createful Studio, opinion is divided: is this the best thing to happen within apps/games in a long time, or it is adding to the generational issue of conversations dying out and heads constantly buried in mobile phone screens?… Read more

15 Jul, 2016 | Becky Willis

5 Signs of a Createful Culture

Putting up the Createful sign

There’s been a new buzzword circulating within recruiters and HR professionals lately – “progressive culture”.

On reading the article “Ten Signs of a Progressive Company Culture” on the Forbes website, I realised that this was the very essence of Createful and how we do things. We are so progressive in our culture, that we were doing this before it was even a thing!

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25 Jul, 2016 | Becky Willis