Cheat sheets: clearing your cache and removing cookies

The most likely reason for you to clear your cache; is to view new changes on a web page. Say an agency is updating your company’s new website; they tell you something has been changed, but it looks exactly the same! Sound familiar? There are probably two reasons: something has gone wrong, or you haven’t cleared your cache so your browser is remembering the old version.

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23 Feb, 2017 | Nicole Cook

Createful Labs: The home of internal projects

Outside of client work, we focus some of our time on internal projects. These projects allow us to enhance our skills and share our awesome ideas. Createful has just turned 7 years old, so to celebrate we’ve created a place for our projects throughout the years to live. Our birthday present to you: Createful Labs!

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16 Feb, 2017 | Nicole Cook

Goodbye sweet treats, hello nice teeth!

Cake is a huge part of Createful culture and always will be. We have regular ‘Bake Off’ events and a treat table in the middle of our office. We will pretty much find any excuse to indulge in some cake. That being said, the treat table will be seeing a lot more fruit this year and absolutely no unhealthy sweet treats for the whole of January!

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16 Feb, 2017 | Nicole Cook

3 French Hens: A Createful Christmas game

Combining our awesome technical skills, passion for digital and love of the festive season we have created an interactive Christmas game. You can play on your phone from outside our office. All you need to do is come down to 99 Holdenhurst Road with your mobile, play and hopefully win some prizes!

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16 Dec, 2016 | Nicole Cook

Social Media: The ultimate platform for mediated communication

Facebook has approximately 1.71 billion active profiles. We are often using the site to share what we did on the weekend, what we like watching on Netflix and to moan about what really grinds our gears. We are used to sharing our lives online. But is social media a platform that portrays our lives & identities or an idealistic version of them?

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26 Oct, 2016 | Nicole Cook

Lights, Camera, Action: My Student Placement

We were very recently joined by the lovely & talented Sophie, who studies Media Production at Bournemouth University. She first found out about Createful back in April of this year when a university assignment led her to our offices to record some interviews. Let’s hear what she has to say about her time with us…

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6 Sep, 2016 | Nicole Cook

Summer Team Day!

This week we had our summer team day! We took a break from the office, got into our sportswear and made our way to Moors Valley Country Park. Full of excitement and nerves, the sun was shining & we were ready. A day away from the screen actually taught us a lot; we really want to own Segways, some of us aren’t too keen on heights, but most importantly, we are great at working as a team!
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21 Sep, 2016 | Nicole Cook

A Banking Tech Revolution: Open Banking

Thanks to a host of annoying TV commercials, we’ve all heard of comparison websites. These are great when we’re looking for things like car insurance. But are there additional security risks when comparing our banking, or is this the only solution to help us get the best deals?

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14 Oct, 2016 | Nicole Cook

The washing up needs to be done!

We often have a sink full of mugs, that everyone swears they didn’t leave. It seems we don’t really enjoy washing up at Createful, well not that kind anyway… We recently ‘washed up’ our website refresh project with Anglo-Continental and found it to be a very useful approach for reflecting on our work.

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7 Jul, 2016 | Nicole Cook

A Day at Createful

Every digital agency is different. With so many in the Bournemouth and Poole area, it’s important that each has their own personality. Createful has been around for 6 years, and in that time we have built our own identity. Ever wondered what it’s like to be Createful? Here is an insight into our world.
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5 Jul, 2016 | Nicole Cook