We’re now part of the G-Cloud 9 framework!

I was quite excited when I discovered that the “G-Cloud is an interstellar cloud containing the stars Alpha Centauri (a triple star system that includes Proxima Centauri) and Altair”. Then I realised I was on the wrong Wikipedia page.

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23 Jun, 2017 | Toby Pestridge

The Psychology of Reward through Design

The subject of gamification in the app world has been well documented over recent years – the process of rewarding users for their actions and incentivising repeated use of a product or service. Our Creative Director Toby takes a closer look at how design elements can be used to reward, entertain and retain.

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21 Mar, 2017 | Toby Pestridge

Making a start in digital – a brief career guide

Young people have a huge advantage when it comes to digital – as natives who have grown up with the internet, wifi and smart phones, they live and breathe mobile communications. But being properly equipped to get a job in digital doesn’t always come so naturally. What skills do you need to work in a digital agency, and how can you go about preparing for a career in this rapidly evolving industry?

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9 Mar, 2017 | Toby Pestridge

Createful welcomes an exciting new addition to the team

Having identified a need for a brand new role at Createful, we embarked on one of the most intensive and challenging recruitment processes in the history of our agency! The response received was phenomenal and the sheer quality of applicants demonstrated how attractive the prospect of a career with Createful has become.

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26 Sep, 2016 | Toby Pestridge

#Rio2016 and the race to hashtag ownership

“Preposterous!” “Ridiculous!” “Outrageous!” These are just some of the words ending in “ous” that have been shouted about the Createful offices this afternoon, after hearing the news that the US Olympic Committee is clamping down on the use of the “#Rio2016” hashtag on Twitter. But delving into the murky world of IP, trademarks and legal cases uncovers more questions than answers…

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3 Aug, 2016 | Toby Pestridge

The One Thing They Didn’t Teach Me About Working in a Digital Agency

I went to University waaay back in 1997 in Newport in South Wales. I did the Multimedia degree course, which was a bit of a guinea pig exercise as we were one of the first year groups to combine fine arts with computers and HTML markup. It was essentially a course in web design and new media. But there was one important thing they didn’t teach me about working in a digital agency…

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25 Jul, 2016 | Toby Pestridge

Using Unity 3D in app Development

Over the last few weeks we’ve been joined here in the studio by talented game/mobile designer-developer extrordinaire Jamie Roe. While on placement he’s been exploring a task we set him to develop an app that blends some simple user interaction with 3D modelling. With the easy job over, we then asked him to write about it for our blog!

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20 Jul, 2016 | Toby Pestridge

Have dating apps turned love from Cupid to stupid?

If you Google the definition of ‘dating’, most results will sound something like this: “Two people meet socially for companionship, usually with the aim of assessing the each other’s suitability for an intimate relationship”. With an increasing prevalence of dating apps, in this dual-authored post we look at two sides of the story.

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25 Jul, 2016 | Toby Pestridge

About That “Design vs User Experience” Image…

We’ve all seen it. That photograph showing a paved path next to a patch of grass where a dirt path has been worn by people taking a short cut. Over the top of the paved path is the word “Design” and on top of the other is the word “User Experience”. This image irked me the moment I saw it, but why? And what does it tell us about the reality of design and user experience?

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12 May, 2016 | Toby Pestridge

Getting Innovative with LV=

The upper stage from the LV= #innovatewithin conference

How can larger companies create and foster a truly innovative working environment, and how can you, as an employee within a large company, make an innovative difference to the culture and practices around you? Last week we were invited by LV= to explore these questions at their “Innovate Within” conference in Bournemouth.

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13 Nov, 2015 | Toby Pestridge