1% better

Penned by on 5 Jan, 2018

What if you had a way of knowing that your very next decision will make your life, or someone else’s, at least 1% better? Would it change what you decide to do?

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Beware the Slack Trap

Penned by on 6 Apr, 2017

For those of us in the knowledge profession, who, to oversimplify, are paid to produce or analyse ideas and information, a critical success factor is our ability to apply our brain’s maximum potential. Yet, in the bustling modern work environment a dangerous predator lurks: distraction.

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The Next Trend

Penned by on 25 Jul, 2016

The world of web design, like fashion, tends to be characterised by identifiable trends. Some come and go, and some are longer-lasting. Someone does something cool, that something wins an award, gets lots of publicity, and becomes a source of excitement and inspiration to the design community. And so a trend is born. This process is inevitable, recurrent, and, in my opinion, potentially harmful.

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