Createful's afternoon tea

Love Cake Agency Bake Off

Penned by on 31 Oct, 2016

We heard on the grapevine that there was an inter-agency ‘Great British Bake Off’ style event coming up run by local baking genius Heather Brown, and seeing as our company name should probably be ‘Cakeful’, we set about devising a Createful cake creation to submit…

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Silicon Beach opening screen and Matt Desmier

Silicon Beach 2016

Penned by on 4 Oct, 2016

A few of us from the Createful team popped along to Silicon Beach 2016, a conference held in Bournemouth showcasing talks from some very thought-provoking people over two days. I (Michelle) went along to the first day and thought I’d reflect on some of the talks which resonated with me…

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SASS header graphic

Give it some SASS

Penned by on 4 Oct, 2016

We use the SASS (Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets) CSS preprocessor here at Createful to compile CSS for most of our projects. Whilst working with SASS, there are a number of handy things I have picked up that have proven to be invaluable, so I thought I would share a few…

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Digital Wave

Riding the Digital Wave

Penned by on 13 Oct, 2015

An event for school age students called Digital Wave was held at the Bournemouth International Centre on the 6th October 2015. A few of the Createful crew went on down to be part of the event and talk to the students…

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