Cheat sheets: clearing your cache and removing cookies

The most likely reason for you to clear your cache; is to view new changes on a web page. Say an agency is updating your company’s new website; they tell you something has been changed, but it looks exactly the same! Sound familiar? There are probably two reasons: something has gone wrong, or you haven’t cleared your cache so your browser is remembering the old version.

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23 Feb, 2017 | Nicole Cook

How to have a happy and meaningful relationship… with your agency

Now that the Valentine’s roses have started to wilt, we thought we would explore a trend that has been gaining traction in the marketing world over the last couple of years. We have seen more brands moving their creative, social and development “in-house”, a process that can have many benefits. That being said, there is a commercial reality to moving teams in-house that may not always be viable for a lot of clients. That’s when bringing in an agency can make a lot of sense.

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16 Feb, 2017 | Becky Willis

My big digital adventure

My name is Kirsty and I am an archaeology graduate looking to find my place in the digital industry. I cashed in my savings, left my job and began this journey into the exciting unknown world of all things digital…

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13 Feb, 2017 | Kirsty Lee

Createful Labs: The home of internal projects

Outside of client work, we focus some of our time on internal projects. These projects allow us to enhance our skills and share our awesome ideas. Createful has just turned 7 years old, so to celebrate we’ve created a place for our projects throughout the years to live. Our birthday present to you: Createful Labs!

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16 Feb, 2017 | Nicole Cook

Your Website Security: Who’s Hacking You?

understanding the importance of website security and why hackers attack

When we talk to our clients about website security, it is rare for the conversation to drift into the realms of who is actually doing the physical attack or why “smaller” companies, with no obvious benefits to the attacker, are hacked. What tends to be more of a priority is how we can assist in securing them from future attacks and the associated cost of implementing a robust support package. Interestingly though, understanding the “who” is attacking and the “why” they do it can help companies come to terms with the very real threat to their key customer communication platform and prepare them to secure their site accordingly.

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2 Feb, 2017 | Adrian Hopper

6 signs it’s time to change your website

There comes a point where something that you invested good money and time in may need replacing. At the time it was current, exciting and I bet you were pretty proud of it. Maybe it’s no longer fit for purpose or maybe it’s just tired – and this happens with websites too. So how do you know when it’s time to let go and reinvest in an updated website?

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26 Jan, 2017 | Becky Willis

Createful Explores…
Voice Interaction

It can’t have escaped your attention that everyone is trying to get in on the voice-interaction act these days. Being the Createful, curious, techie types that we are, we wanted to explore this area for ourselves…

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16 Feb, 2017 | Steven Stanton

A Createful New Year

It’s 2017 and we are very excited to start off this new year. 2016 saw a lot go down that people weren’t too happy about, and many have even branded it “the worst year ever”. However at Createful we had a pretty fantastic year: Our team grew; we had great success in our Christmas Campaign “Three French Hens”; “Geoff the Wizard” was born; we were lucky enough to work with some exciting new clients and startups; we had some immensely talented interns come through our doors, and, naturally, we had a lot of cake!

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5 Jan, 2017 | Becky Willis

Goodbye sweet treats, hello nice teeth!

Cake is a huge part of Createful culture and always will be. We have regular ‘Bake Off’ events and a treat table in the middle of our office. We will pretty much find any excuse to indulge in some cake. That being said, the treat table will be seeing a lot more fruit this year and absolutely no unhealthy sweet treats for the whole of January!

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16 Feb, 2017 | Nicole Cook

3 French Hens: A Createful Christmas game

Combining our awesome technical skills, passion for digital and love of the festive season we have created an interactive Christmas game. You can play on your phone from outside our office. All you need to do is come down to 99 Holdenhurst Road with your mobile, play and hopefully win some prizes!

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16 Dec, 2016 | Nicole Cook