Computer says… “let me ask a human”

Penned by on 7 Jun, 2018

Imagine you’re sitting in a hospital waiting room. You’ve been scanned for pain in your ankle that has been bothering you for some time. The scan was managed by a nurse who was quickly and easily able to use the CT machine to focus on the area of pain as identified on your referral from your GP. So far, so normal – right?

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Sustainability for your audience

Penned by on 25 May, 2018

If GDPR (sorry for bringing this up so early) has done nothing else for you or your customers and supporters, it has at least raised awareness of just how much we are bombarded with content, or indeed just how many email addresses are on databases that never, ever, respond to any marketing email.

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Delivering on our sustainability goals

Penned by on 23 Mar, 2018

In my last blog post, celebrating our eighth birthday, I wrote about how Createful is growing into a group of people and a business that is increasingly focused on developing more sustainable, ethically driven digital solutions. Solutions and products that we believe will improve people’s lives, have a positive impact on society and lead to a new way of using technology every day.

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8 photos from the last 8 years at Createful

Penned by on 9 Feb, 2018

It’s Friday and it’s the last post in our series of 8s. We really hope you’ve enjoyed gaining a little bit of insight into life at Createful and getting to know a few of us a little more. Our final birthday post is something a little bit different…

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