Createful Explores…
Voice Interaction

It can’t have escaped your attention that everyone is trying to get in on the voice-interaction act these days. Being the Createful, curious, techie types that we are, we wanted to explore this area for ourselves…

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19 Jan, 2017 | Steven Stanton

A Createful New Year

It’s 2017 and we are very excited to start off this new year. 2016 saw a lot go down that people weren’t too happy about, and many have even branded it “the worst year ever”. However at Createful we had a pretty fantastic year: Our team grew; we had great success in our Christmas Campaign “Three French Hens”; “Geoff the Wizard” was born; we were lucky enough to work with some exciting new clients and startups; we had some immensely talented interns come through our doors, and, naturally, we had a lot of cake!

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5 Jan, 2017 | Becky Willis

Goodbye sweet treats, hello nice teeth!

Cake is a huge part of Createful culture and always will be. We have regular ‘Bake Off’ events and a treat table in the middle of our office. We will pretty much find any excuse to indulge in some cake. That being said, the treat table will be seeing a lot more fruit this year and absolutely no unhealthy sweet treats for the whole of January!

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3 Jan, 2017 | Nicole Cook

3 French Hens: A Createful Christmas game

Combining our awesome technical skills, passion for digital and love of the festive season we have created an interactive Christmas game. You can play on your phone from outside our office. All you need to do is come down to 99 Holdenhurst Road with your mobile, play and hopefully win some prizes!

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16 Dec, 2016 | Nicole Cook

Leaving London – A sweet farewell

Busy London

31st December 2015. That’s the date that I officially parted ways with the capital after more than a decade-long love affair with her. In the space of a few frantic months; myself, my wife and Darcey the dog sold up in South West London and moved lock, stock and barrel to the sunny south coast…

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3 Nov, 2016 | Adrian Hopper

Love Cake Agency Bake Off

Createful's afternoon tea

We heard on the grapevine that there was an inter-agency ‘Great British Bake Off’ style event coming up run by local baking genius Heather Brown, and seeing as our company name should probably be ‘Cakeful’, we set about devising a Createful cake creation to submit…

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31 Oct, 2016 | Michelle Dinan

Social Media: The ultimate platform for mediated communication

Facebook has approximately 1.71 billion active profiles. We are often using the site to share what we did on the weekend, what we like watching on Netflix and to moan about what really grinds our gears. We are used to sharing our lives online. But is social media a platform that portrays our lives & identities or an idealistic version of them?

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26 Oct, 2016 | Nicole Cook

re:develop 2016

re:develop 2016 kung fu panda quote

Re:develop is a yearly development conference held in Bournemouth. This year’s offerings featured a series of interesting topics ranging from ‘The Cloud’ to ‘service workers’ to ’employee evangelism’. Createful’s developers Shane, Stanton and Dwayne provide a run-down of the most interesting and exciting takeaways from the event…

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19 Oct, 2016 | Dwayne Slootmans

Silicon Beach 2016

Silicon Beach opening screen and Matt Desmier

A few of us from the Createful team popped along to Silicon Beach 2016, a conference held in Bournemouth showcasing talks from some very thought-provoking people over two days. I (Michelle) went along to the first day and thought I’d reflect on some of the talks which resonated with me…

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4 Oct, 2016 | Michelle Dinan

Createful welcomes an exciting new addition to the team

Having identified a need for a brand new role at Createful, we embarked on one of the most intensive and challenging recruitment processes in the history of our agency! The response received was phenomenal and the sheer quality of applicants demonstrated how attractive the prospect of a career with Createful has become.

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26 Sep, 2016 | Toby Pestridge