8 photos from the last 8 years at Createful

It’s Friday and it’s the last post in our series of 8s. We really hope you’ve enjoyed gaining a little bit of insight into life at Createful and getting to know a few of us a little more. Our final birthday post is something a little bit different…

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9 Feb, 2018 | Christina King

My 8 favourite Instagram accounts for health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are topics that have gained a lot of media coverage in the recent months. Social media has had a vital role to play in this, with the spread of hashtags and creation of campaigns assisting with communicating messages across the globe.
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9 Feb, 2018 | Christina King

8 trends in mobile development that excite me

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the trends that occur in the world of mobile development. That’s why it’s such an exciting industry to be a part of – I’m always learning. Read more

8 Feb, 2018 | Steven Stanton

8 ways digital agencies can contribute to sustainability

If your name isn’t Donald Trump, you will be aware of the reality of global warming, and the effect it is having on our planet. “Going green” has therefore become a prevalent term in our society, and while many are apathetic when it comes to environmental issues, becoming green is an ambition we should all share. Read more

7 Feb, 2018 | Christina King

8 best things to come from social media

As a lover of social media and waver of the Instagram flag, my post for Createful’s 8th birthday will share what I believe are the BEST things to have come from the world of social.  Read more

6 Feb, 2018 | Christina King

8 tips for staying safe online

As much as the world of digital rocks, the Internet unfortunately provides much room for crime and unsafe environments, particularly for children. With cyber crime on the rise, events like Safer Internet Day are paramount in raising awareness of online dangers. Read more

6 Feb, 2018 | Steven Stanton

A byte of Createful

Everyone at Createful is extremely excited about the agency turning eight years (or a “byte”) old this week!… Read more

6 Feb, 2018 | Christina King