The Tech Nation 2016 report is out today, and we can guarantee this – agencies across Bournemouth and Poole will be ecstatic to see that once again, the south coast has climbed to fame in the digital world. Competing against cities including London and Manchester may be daunting to some, but for Bournemouth and Poole, it’s a walk in the park. Or on the pier. With such creative talent embedded in these coastal areas, it comes as no surprise they’ve made a mark on the UK digital economy.

Why Digital?

‘Digital’ is no longer a term used to differentiate one part of business from another. Everything is produced with digital in mind. University students are now taught the fundamentals of marketing, advertising and design from a digital perspective. Social media, apps, SEO, viral campaigns  (I don’t need to go on); digital makes it possible.

London advertising agency Adam & Eve/DDB made headlines in the marketing world in January, when they decided to axe the word ‘digital’ from job titles. Their Director of Digital, Alex Hesz, explained why:

“Digital’ isn’t a subset of what we do here, just as it isn’t for consumers. It’s a part of every aspect of day-to-day life for us, just as it is for them”.

This is becoming more apparent every single day. Agencies in Bournemouth and Poole have embraced this to such an extent, they are able to compete with the big London names. In January 2015, Bournemouth made headlines by beating London as the UK’s fastest growing digital hub. One year on, it continues to grow.

One of the Top 10 clusters in the UK for employment growth

Digital tech businesses are at the heart of the UK economy, and play a huge part in driving overall growth. They transform the employment landscape, drive productivity, and turn traditional industries into something with far more potential. Digital tech industries have an annual turnover of £161 billion – and Bournemouth and Poole contribute £350 million of that. With the third highest density of digital tech business in the UK, Bournemouth is key to continuing that growth.

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App and Software Development

Tech Nation 2016 highlights app and software development as one of Bournemouth’s key talents. Here at Createful, we are lucky to work with some great clients, developing ideas and producing apps and websites that make a huge difference to how businesses are run. Bournemouth is home to an abundance of agencies, specialising in design, software, branding and everything in between, working with local, national and international clients.

Strong agency community

Digital tech is all about communication. What’s the best way to speak to our customers ? Does this image send the right message? Is this website easy to navigate? Everything is developed and produced with the end user in mind. However, it isn’t just clients we learn from. Agencies learn from each other! There’s nothing we love more than a good mingle, hearing about what other agencies are doing and what their latest projects involve. The agency community in Bournemouth is something special. Meetdraw, Silicon Beach, Digital Wave, Mobile Dorset to name but a few! Everybody comes together to celebrate the work and environment that Bournemouth and Poole provide. Everybody knows someone, who knows someone else, oh, and they know the person you met last week!

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The agency community in Bournemouth is something special. We love to mingle and hear about what other agencies are doing.[/inlinetweet]

Students and graduates

Bournemouth University and AUB students couldn’t be more fortunate to have such a vast array of opportunity on their doorstep. Whether interested in graphic design, software development, web design, marketing, or advertising, there is an agency that will be more than happy to take you on and help you develop your skills. You’d be learning from some of the most creative and experienced digital minds in the country. The Digital Wave event is a perfect example of just how passionate agencies in Bournemouth and Poole are, about nurturing young talent and helping them get their foot in the door.

The final word

Toby Pestridge, Creative Director here at Createful, had this to say about the success of Bournemouth and Poole in the digital sector:

“I’m really excited to read about the success of the digital sector in the Bournemouth & Poole area as highlighted in the latest Tech Nation report. In the foreword of the report, Eileen Burbridge is quoted as saying “The journey starts with knowing what we have to offer”, and that’s precisely why I think this area is doing so well – we know ourselves. We know our limits, our skills, our specialisms and the sometimes niche business opportunities that are available to us. In my experience socialising with and working alongside those in the digital community here, it’s been the level of knowledge, passion and commitment that has stood out, and this is a huge contributing factor to the area’s success. The geography plays a part too – many people find themselves working in London simply because it’s London, without questioning if they really want to live there. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]People who live and work in digital in Bournemouth do so out of a conscious choice.[/inlinetweet] It’s a beautiful and inspiring place to live, and I love being part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking cluster.”

So, there you have it. Bournemouth and Poole have done it again. There is no doubt that, by the next Tech Nation report, there will be even more to celebrate from the digital hub on the south coast.

If you’d like to have a look at the 2016 Tech Nation report, click here. For more information about the growing UK technology industries, visit the Tech City UK website here.