Wedding Planner – iPhone & Watch App

Wedding Planner for Apple Watch and iPhone

Chace was with us for a few weeks as an intern iOS developer. During his time with us, he was tasked with coming up with iPhone and Apple Watch solutions for our popular Wedding Planner app, currently available for the iPad. Chace will explain the methods and problems he encountered along the way…

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5 Jul, 2016 | Chace Teera

Duplication detection is coming to Android Studio – and it’s great!

Android Duplication

There are many developer best practices that should be followed – one of these is Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY). It’s quite simple, don’t do something twice if you don’t have to.

This post looks at how Android developers will be able to improve code quality by using duplication detection tools.

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27 Oct, 2015 | Jamie Cruwys