Sustainability for your audience

Penned by on 7 Sep, 2018

If GDPR (sorry for bringing this up so early) has done nothing else for you or your customers and supporters, it has at least raised awareness of just how much we are bombarded with content, or indeed just how many email addresses are on databases that never, ever, respond to any marketing email.

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Social Media: The ultimate platform for mediated communication

Penned by on 26 Oct, 2016

Facebook has approximately 1.71 billion active profiles. We are often using the site to share what we did on the weekend, what we like watching on Netflix and to moan about what really grinds our gears. We are used to sharing our lives online. But is social media a platform that portrays our lives & identities or an idealistic version of them?

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#Rio2016 and the race to hashtag ownership

Penned by on 3 Aug, 2016

“Preposterous!” “Ridiculous!” “Outrageous!” These are just some of the words ending in “ous” that have been shouted about the Createful offices this afternoon, after hearing the news that the US Olympic Committee is clamping down on the use of the “#Rio2016” hashtag on Twitter. But delving into the murky world of IP, trademarks and legal cases uncovers more questions than answers…

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Another New MySpace featured image

Another New MySpace

Penned by on 19 Dec, 2013

MySpace has re-launched and it has only one focus! The one focus that they were known for, making Music social! Justin Timberlake, now part owner of MySpace has executed what could be the beginnings of a MySpace revival. The launch was special, JT special! He announced and released his comeback single, via the new MySpace which was a strategic plan to get people’s attention back on to MySpace again to explore what new site can do.

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Spotify and Facebook

Spotify & Facebook join forces in plan to take over the web

Penned by on 20 Dec, 2013

If you haven’t already heard about the new Facebook ‘Timeline’ coming soon, then you should check it out, it’s more than just the usual tweak that they do quite regularily. The new layout has a refreshing new design with a new focus towards sharing media such as Movies, TV, Books and Music.

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