Out of all the things we take for granted (and there are a LOT), sight has to be one of the biggest. We wake up, open our eyes, and spend the rest of the day relying on our vision to carry us through our life experiences…

Our eyes enable us to enjoy the simple things, like sunsets, our favourite films, and that hilarious cat video on YouTube you just had to watch during your lunch break. What we fail to realise, is how difficult it can be for blind or partially sighted people to get from one day to the next, often struggling to find employment. That’s where Dorset Blind Association comes in.

#tryitblind event banner

Dorset Blind Association is a fantastic charity which aims to provide a means of support for people throughout Dorset who are blind, partially sighted, or suffering from serious sight loss. They work across the county, providing services that help people adjust to life with sight loss, whilst equipping them with the help and support they need to live full and active lives.

Throughout September, Dorset Blind Association are running the #tryitblind campaign, which is encouraging people to try and complete a simple task whilst blindfolded, before uploading the video to social media. So far, numerous entertaining attempts have been made, including applying makeup and making breakfast. On Wednesday 23rd September, Createful were invited to the #tryitblind showcase event, where various corporate companies turned up to take part in fun activities and show their support. Being a creative agency, it was only right that our stand reflected what we do – behold the ‘Draw a Famous Logo, Blind’ challenge!

The Createful #tryitblind logo challenge table

It was a pretty simple concept; pick a logo from the selection, put a blindfold on, and draw it from memory. Ok, so it turned out to be harder than we thought. From the Olympics logo to Disney and Microsoft, recreating these famous logos without being able to see was entertaining for everybody. The results were… interesting, to say the least. We had a go too, and even with our creative backgrounds, the loss of sight made it impossible to produce anything like the original image. Visitors challenged each other to produce the best replica, and were shocked at how difficult it really was.

Drawing the Olympics logo blindfolded

Michelle drawing whilst blindfolded

Christina drawing the Snapchat logo blindfolded

Blindfolded logo attempts

There were other entertaining tasks being tried too; our very own Toby was so sure he could put on a tie whilst wearing a blindfold, so we made him show us. Michelle attempted to balance a box on her head while spooning balls of cotton wool into it. She mostly just spooned up air; hilarious to watch. Kriss had a go at counting money, and was SO close to declaring the correct amount – just 5p off!

Toby attempting to tie a tie blindfolded

Michelle and Kriss doing blindfolded activities

The campaign is a great way to get people to see just how difficult life without sight is. It was an enjoyable evening, and one that made us face the challenges that others deal with on a daily basis. We challenge you to #tryitblind, show your support and take part in this awesome campaign. We’re sure you must’ve come up with your own ideas while reading this, so have fun!

You can follow and contribute to the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, and you can also donate directly to The Dorset Blind Association by texting MPLY22 £3 to 70070 or donate online.