Outside of client work, we focus some of our time on internal projects. These projects allow us to enhance our skills and share our awesome ideas. Createful has just turned 7 years old, so to celebrate we’ve created a place for our projects throughout the years to live. Our birthday present to you: Createful Labs!

Where do the ideas come from?

The first three Friday afternoons of each month are dedicated to ‘Be Createful’ meetings. These are hour long sessions where we all share ideas, loosely based on a certain topic, such as improvements to our website, personal app ideas and seasonal projects. These meetings are a great way to collaborate ideas and focus solely on some ‘Createfulness’ on a Friday afternoon.

Everyone is involved, allowing the chance for the whole team to be part of a project we all feel passionate about. An important factor to these meetings is that everyone is on board, which is a huge deciding factor in the success of each project.

To give you a small taste of what we’ve been up to recently, we’d like to introduce two of our most recent creations that will reside in Createful Labs…

Three French Hens

3 French Hens was our 2016 Christmas project; a game that made the most of our large, street facing office windows and expertise in web and mobile. The game worked much like a modernised one-arm bandit game; players aimed to match 3 images to win a prize which was delivered by our very own Createful elves.

Overall, the game was a success and we had a lot of fun with it!

Geoff the Wizard

After months of Becky begging Kriss for an office pet, we finally got one: Geoff the Wizard! Geoff was born from a ‘Be Createful’ meeting. We put our brains together, trying to come up with Createful ideas for the European Cup. Ultimately we left the meeting with a predicting wizard – it’s pretty clear as a team we’re not hugely passionate about football and much more passionate about wizards.

Around this time, the whole of Britain was feeling very anxious about the upcoming EU referendum, so Geoff’s first project was to predict if we were going to ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’ in the EU.

Geoff showed an appearance again at Halloween, where we invited you all to create a ‘spooky story’ with Geoff and share them on Twitter. He has become a part of Createful and we plan to involve him in future ideas.

To see more of our internal projects and find out a bit more about the 3 French Hens and Geoff the Wizard, visit their new home, Createful Labs!