It’s 2017 and we are very excited to start off this new year. 2016 saw a lot go down that people weren’t too happy about, and many have even branded it “the worst year ever”. However at Createful we had a pretty fantastic year: Our team grew; we had great success in our Christmas Campaign “Three French Hens”; “Geoff the Wizard” was born; we were lucky enough to work with some exciting new clients and startups; we had some immensely talented interns come through our doors, and, naturally, we had a lot of cake!

The digital world also had some really fun things going on. We saw a real focus on AR and VR being at the forefront, as well as an increase in developing for wearables, a new-found appreciation for content marketing, and ensuring companies had a full presence on social media (we even finally got into using Instagram).

Our Resolutions

This year we anticipate it to be even more of a success, and with that in mind we felt as an agency we wanted to make a few resolutions. We wanted to focus on four key areas that are really important to Createful: Education; CultureGiving Back and Innovation in Tech.

  1. 2016 saw us take on a lot of interns from school, through to University and even those later on in life looking for a career change (a special shout out goes to all our superstar interns, in particular, now fully fledged members of staff: Christina & Stanton). So this year we will look to not only keep up this great work, but capitalise on it by experimenting with new content creation across different platforms, specially tailored to people who want to get into digital.
  2. Our culture has always been one conductive of positivity, teamwork and fun[/inlinetweet]. From this, in 2016 we started a “jar of awesome” to fill with all the great things that had happened to us. Reading back through it, we are proud of what we’ve achieved and believe all successes, little or large, should be celebrated. This year we want to focus on this positivity more – and will get a bigger jar to fill. Our aim is to fill this before the year ends too!
  3. We thought 2017 should be a year of giving back further. From the success of our Reverse Advent scheme and Christmas Jumper Day, as well as a few members of the team individually giving up their time to volunteer in 2016, we realised the position we are in to make more of a difference. We have chosen a few local charities and will be taking part in many fundraising opportunities throughout the year to share our successes with these wonderful causes.
  4. At Createful, we love to play with new tech to keep at the forefront of the digital industry, a lot of these experiments can be seen through our internal Be Createful projects. This year, we want to explore even more creative solutions outside of our usual app and website space. Watch this space for a blog on our findings – if not actually releasing some of it into the wild.

2016 was also a year of a lot of cake, as stated in our previous post. As much as it’s ingrained in our culture to share delicious treats, we recognised that maybe the treats were getting a little too much of a staple, as opposed to an occasional luxury. So as an agency we have already made a stand against excessive cake moving into this new year.

We’d love to hear your New Year’s Resolutions – and if one of them is to “find a new digital partner to create awesome things together” then do get in touch, we’d love to work with you! We hope you have a happy, prosperous and of course, Createful, New Year 🙂