Why do we want to create and craft sustainable brands and digital products?

In a recent blog postĀ celebrating our 8th birthday as an agency, our MD Kriss Bennett wrote about a seismic shift taking place at Createful.

We’ve been designing and building websites, web tools, apps and digital solutions all this time, pouring our collective skills and passions into solving problems brought to us by our clients. We’ve seen the digital environment and community around us adapt, grow, and shrink. It’s a very organic process that sees some agencies like us thrive, and sadly some decline.

We could continue what we’re doing and no doubt continue our success, but with the maturity of the agency comes a maturity in our outward look at the world. Many of us are now in very different positions in our individual lives than when we began working at Createful. Some of us are parents, some of us have bought our first homes, but we’ve all experienced many changes on the global stage.

We highlighted several questions that we’ve been reflecting on a lot lately:

  • As Createful and individuals, what do we believe in and stand for?
  • Where do we want to make a genuine difference and how can we make that happen?
  • What is our purpose?

There’s no quick or simple answer that covers all of this, but through a period of reflection and self-assessment, we’veĀ realised a number of common motivators. As a business, a team and individuals we have a shared belief that everything we do should have a positive impact on the people that use our solutions. From the clients that we work with to the society that we’re a part of and ultimately the natural environment in which we live, we want to bring about change for the better.

The presence of digital technology on our lives is all-encompassing, as is its impact on business and society. We believe that this integration of digital in every aspect of life brings with it huge opportunities, and ultimately great ethical and moral responsibilities.

We’re very conscious that this is not simply a clever spin on what we’re already doing, but a thorough and determined refocussing of all our energies into using our skills and experience to bring about positive change.

Everything we create and do, will deliver on business targets and objectives, but with a clear human and ethical output.

We will deliver sustainable digital solutions for a better future. That’s why we’re confident in our uniqueness. That’s why we want to craft sustainable brands and digital products.