With summer soon approaching, you may start thinking about shaping up ready for a holiday. Training with a friend is a great way to stay motivated, but if you don’t have a training partner, a mobile app could be the solution you need, especially when it comes to having motivation. With so many mobile apps to choose from, finding an app to be your perfect fitness buddy has never been easier!

Below is a list of my personal favourite health and fitness apps for 2014.

My Fitness Pal

From personal experience, My Fitness Pal (MFP to its fans), is a great tool, to help enable you track your eating and exercise habits. MFP also provides an online community where you can meet and share your goals and successes with like-minded people.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is so detailed that it is hard not to find a supermarket food within the database, containing all of the nutritional information needed, when watching your waistline. MFP also comes with a bar code scanner that allows you to find out the nutritional content of foods and add them to your diary.

Not only is My Fitness Pal free, but also it really does work to help you stay on track. Once joined, your profile will include a food diary which could either be private or public, and once you have completed your eating diary for the day, it will then appear on your MFP friends so that they can like and comment your activity.

Personally I would describe My Fitness Pal as a Facebook for Slimmer’s so if you don’t have the app, why not take a look and see what you’re missing out!


Nike Run

The Nike Run app is available to download for Android and iPhone users and allows you to use GPS tracking and audio feedback. The app also cheers you on when your friends like and comment on your run via Facebook! Nike Run is a brilliant way to track your progress and provides you will the motivation you need during your run.

Nike Run

The app also has great features included such as allowing you to add power songs to your playlist to help boost momentum when you feel like giving up. Nike Run has three levels and can be used at any stage of fitness.


Ease into 5K

If you are a complete beginner who might be interested in taking up running, ease into 5K could be the app you are looking for to get you started. The app is affordable and a great tool to get your training off to the right start! This app aids you to slowly transform yourself from a couch potato to a run 5K runner, in 8 weeks with a walk/run interval program.

Ease into 5K

However, the app is not perfect but does the job to motivate you and allow you to be able to track your runs and share your successes via social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The only downside that I have found using this app is that the calorie tracking is very inaccurate, but if you are using this app alongside a HRM or other fitness tracking device it is not an issue.


7-Minute Workout

This app is most suited for those who struggle with having the time to exercise. This is a high intensity-training app that will get you sweating in only seven minutes!

7 Minute Workout

All that is needed when doing the workout using the app is you, a chair and a wall. The app has great reviews and can really help to get your fitness levels up.