This week we’ve been joined by two new interns, Kaylee and Pauline. We’ve had them working on a number of projects, as well as brushing up their design skills and (hopefully) learning a bit more about agency life!

We asked them to put a few words together about their experiences with us:


For a student, there is nothing worse than having to wake up at 7 o’clock during the summertime. At term time at least you know that every other student in the world will suffer with you and feel your pain, and even then it seems like a complete waste of good, valuable, purifying, stress-free sleep (research from 2012 has shown that the brain may multitask during sleep, learning skills and solidifying memories) even more reason to sleep in! Although, this all comes with one exception ­– work experience. I don’t know about others, but I always wake up at least half an hour before my alarm turns off.

There is this powerful adrenaline-rich excitement in you – you know that kind, what you have won with lottery or when you are 10 years old and One Direction gives a concert in your town. At least I imagine it will be the same feeling, although neither of these things have ever actually happened to me. Work experience at Createful fortunately did.

The thing about design studios is that in most cases the studio reflects the company. If the studio is to your liking, then there is a high chance that you will also enjoy the design and mood of this company. The reason why I am here, was that I walked past Createful every day, wondering what this company with such a cool font and a bright studio is about (a whole wall made of glass to dispel boredom with people watching, which is both entertaining from the inside and intriguing from the outside).

With Createful that rule has proved itself right – there is a friendly, open atmosphere flooding in the studio, accompanied with music from all kinds of decades and genres. Sitting behind a computer in a friendly design studio like this really gives you a feeling like you already are a designer and already work for a company – a very proud feeling for a student.

As for actual designing and work, although Createful is mostly a company dealing with app design, their assignments for students are broad and embrace all kinds of different design fields – we did not only learn about app design, but also editorial and identity design for example.

As I have understood, one of their main objectives is to educate and help as many students as possible. That said from my point of view, as currently there are already 3 students gaining knowledge here, and when I spoke to them in May, they already had all the work experience places filled for 2 months ahead. One can only have respect for a company, which, aside from doing their own job, also takes time for educating students and helping them out.


During my week’s work experience at Createful I have produced some exhibition banners, business cards and an app prototype for a business trip tracker. I have learnt many new skills in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator – software that I didn’t have much experience in before. I am currently studying BA Media Production at Bournemouth University so these new skills will be useful for me, both with my coursework and future work. I enjoyed using Marvel app to create the app prototype and feel from this I would like to develop my knowledge in app and website design further.

I think that carrying out work experience is important to students and I’m glad that I arranged to spend the week at Createful. I carried out work experience, as I wanted to see what it’s like to work in a creative company – the office, the people and the overall atmosphere of the place. Carrying out work experience at Createful has allowed me to improve my skills and help give me an idea as to what to possibly specialise in in the future. I think that by carrying out work experience, it can also help me when looking for jobs in the future and I feel that for students, it is particularly useful to gain contacts within your chosen field of work.

I have enjoyed spending my week at Createful and am happy with what I have achieved. The team is very friendly and helpful, and they have been nice to work with.

So there you have it. I promise we didn’t pay them to say such nice things, but it’s great to hear that the hard work we put in from our side is paying off for them. Thinking back to work experience I’ve done in the past, I was either ignored or given very mundane, repetitive tasks. With this in mind we’ve endeavoured to make internships at Createful an enjoyable and educating experience.

In the coming weeks we’ll also be involved in BIMA’s D-Day Initiative, helping to bridge the digital skills gap in the UK and provide opportunities and education to local young people.