While downloading some apps from the App store on my iPad last night, I noticed a bug that I have since been unable to recreate. While signing into the App store on my iPad, some icons wouldn’t appear on the home screen while they were downloading, so I swiped back to the first page to select the App store again and noticed a duplicate of my ‘Find Friends’ App in the top left corner of the screen.

I dragged it around and noticed I could move it to wherever I wanted (it wasn’t snapping to grid). All the other apps on my first screen were the same (in a single stack in the top left corner) and I could move them to wherever I wanted, resulting in the above.

Now, I’m unsure whether this is a glitch in iOS5 or with the App store app itself, so we’ve sent a bug report to Apple. If anyone else has encountered this, please let us know as we’re intrigued!