We were very recently joined by the lovely & talented Sophie, who studies Media Production at Bournemouth University. She first found out about Createful back in April of this year when a university assignment led her to our offices to record some interviews. Let’s hear what she has to say about her time with us…

The thing I noticed straight away was how friendly the team were. This made the process of invading their office with filming equipment and disturbing people’s working day way less daunting.

After spending a day interviewing Becky, Toby and Ben, and watching the way Createful do things, I knew I wanted to be a part of it in some way. With my placement window being right around the corner I saw this as the perfect opportunity. I didn’t know quite how I’d fit in at a web/app development agency with my interests lying in video production. However, after having a chat with Toby and Becky about my skills and interests they offered me the chance to create some video content for them. I couldn’t wait to get started!

I joined the team on August 1st, and from then I was given a lot of creative freedom with the content I made. The majority of my time was spent focusing on making two sets of videos. One set focused on all the things that make Createful awesome (such as breakfast meetings, bake offs and team days out), and the other focused on hearing about past interns experiences.

Be Createful Breakfast

After a few idea sessions with the team, I got to work! The video above was my first project, which I shot during my first week. I remember feeling quite nervous about filming, I was used to working as a team at university, but surprisingly I actually really enjoyed working by myself! I spent the morning sitting in on the meeting, picking up my camera whenever I spotted something that would convey the atmosphere perfectly to an audience. There was a lot of coffee, a lot of brioche and a lot of laughter. Take a look for yourself!

Team Day

I was lucky enough to be on placement with Createful when a team day out to Go Ape was scheduled. This was a great opportunity, not just for getting to know everyone better whilst swinging through the trees (and also very dramatically falling off a segway), but also because I got to film it. This was completely different to anything I’d filmed before as I had to make sure I caught all the action, and on three different cameras. I used a Go Pro, a DJI Osmo and my Canon DSLR to capture everything.

Intern Testimonials

Createful have a lot of interns from a lot of different backgrounds, they wanted to showcase this in some way. They decided the best way to do this was to create a series of video testimonials. It was my job to shoot and edit these. Although I’ve had experience with creating interview content before, I’d never been the one behind the camera, I normally took the role of Project Manager. I may have found it challenging when doing so, but I really enjoyed the process of setting up the shots and ensuring that I collected enough cutaway footage.

I have now reached the last part of my placement, and I can honestly say that I’ve learnt SO much during that time. I‘ve had the opportunity to greatly improve my technical skills, with lots of camerawork and editing for different styles of video. This will really benefit me when going back to complete the final year of my degree. But more importantly, I believe that (as incredibly cheesy as this sounds) Createful has brought out the creative side in me.

If you’re interested in an internship at Createful, check out our intern page.