My name is Kirsty and I am an archaeology graduate looking to find my place in the digital industry. I cashed in my savings, left my job and began this journey into the exciting unknown world of all things digital…

8 years a mother, 2 years a baker and 4 years an archaeology student… I now find myself in the snazzy Createful office, writing a guest blog post about my journey. So, how on earth did I end up here? Luck? Skill? Intelligence?

Well, here is the short version of events… After graduating with little experience within the industry but equipped with a vehemence for digital marketing, I went straight into work at a agency in search of my ultimate career goal. Very soon, my lack of experience awakened me to the realisation that I had entered the industry from the wrong angle. Whilst I was able to gain a number of transferrable skills within a fantastic company, it became apparent that I was climbing the wrong ladder and was not getting the job satisfaction I desired.

So what does a girl do in such a scenario? Undeterred by my junior status I spent some time applying for positions beyond my experience – it worked for Trump, it could have worked for me! Practically speaking, I intended to get my foot in the door at every agency in Bournemouth. I wanted to open up as many opportunities as possible to introduce myself and gain experience. After six months I decided it was time to take a leap of faith… And here I am, day one of that journey.

Why am I here?

Why am I not sticking to what I’m good at; at home making cakes, cuddling babies and digging up bones? Good question. You might be wondering why an archaeology graduate is interested in digital marketing, but the two are not as irrelevant as you may think. My primary interest in archaeology was always to learn about people and society, how we develop and behave. My curiosity in humanity and society can be largely applied to a number of areas within the digital and the marketing sector; as a marketer you must develop an understanding of the target audience and need to effectively interact with that audience. Areas of marketing such as consumer behaviour (who doesn’t love a bit of psychology?!) really appeal to the social side of my personality which also motivated my interest in archaeology.

What about cakes? Why not forge a career in that industry? I’m always going to love making cakes and showing off my skills by regularly bringing them into the office. However, what has always driven my passion for baking is the creative element combined with the fact that I can put my own personal stamp on everything I create. This passion so perfectly fits into the digital industry, allowing me to express my personal and creative side whilst also interacting with an audience that captivates my curiosity.

Furthermore, within the digital sector you feel as if you are constantly at the forefront of the ever changing world of technology; the first to glimpse into the future of our developing world. Why wouldn’t I want to be here?

What am I hoping to achieve?

Today is my very first day in the big, mysterious world of all things digital and the possibilities are endless. My ultimate goal is to forge a lifelong, fruitful career within the digital sector exploring all of the areas that motivate me as well as discovering new interests.

For the meantime I am hoping to face new challenges, learn new skills and develop in every possible way imaginable, absorbing every element of my environment. I have a long road ahead of me, many avenues to explore and, equally as important, much fun to be had!

Next steps

In the immediate future I will continue to explore new areas of the industry and continue to build experience, whilst relentlessly pursuing my long term goals. I will be actively seeking various internships and opportunities that enable me to gain valuable skills and build an impressive portfolio as a budding marketer. This I will do for as long as it takes for me to land that first job that sets me on my path to a fulfilling career.

The future is enigmatic, obscure and thrilling – who knows where my digital adventure may one day lead…