Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, you’ll of heard of the latest shiny gadget everybody is raving about. The Nest thermostat is the newest piece of kit to be drooled at by people all over the internet.

But what’s surprising is that this new gadget isn’t a new exciting phone, laptop or tablet as you’d expect, it’s a thermostat. That’s right, a plain old thermostat. Why all the fuss over a thermostat you may be asking? Well firstly you should know that this new thermostat was created by Tony Fadell, an ex-Apple employee who oversaw 18 generations of the iPod and the first three versions of the iPhone. So try to imagine, if you can, an Apple designed thermostat. I’m guessing you’re imaging a beautiful, clean and intuitively designed product, as all Apple products are. Well that’s exactly what The Nest thermostat is. It’s a wonderful change from the boring, grey, beige, rectangles stuck on the walls of modern day homes.

Yes, that’s what it looks like. Amazing, right? It’s the exact sort of product you’d expect from an ex-Apple employee, and it’s as clever as any Apple product. The creator of The Nest thermostat, Tony Fadell, boasts that the new product has smartphone guts to handle all the complex functionality packed into that small sleek package. As far as functionality goes, the obvious leading feature is the scroll wheel, or “ring”, used to change the temperature. The outside edge only needs to be rotated and the display will show the chosen temperature along with a handy colour representation.

The Nest thermostat also boasts a few more smart features which are primarily based around its ability to learn. As the image above illustrates, the Nest thermostat learns the habits of the user, although “programming itself” may be a better term that “learns”. “Auto Away”, a clever feature of the thermostat, determines when the house is empty and then proceeds to lower the heating until it senses people are home again with it’s front-facing sensor. It also learns when the user raises or lowers the temperature throughout the day, and can then project these changes automatically in the future.

Now of course this product is a good thing. It combines energy saving technology with great design, and its almost a guarantee that this product will sell a lot of units. One of the great things about this product is that it turns a usually ignored product into a cherishable product you can be proud to put on your wall. The world could use a lot more ignored products to be turned into products to be proud of, so let’s hope Nest keep creating new and exciting products for many years to come.