In preparing to write this blog post, I promised myself I wouldn’t use the phrases “up, up and away”, “sky high” or “lift off”. The jury’s out on “to infinity and beyond” however.

Anyway, it’s my pleasure to announce to the world the exciting news that Createful can now offer another exciting service; a feather in our cap, a tool in the toolbox, and arrow in the quiver. And I’ve run out of bad analogies. But seriously, we’re really excited about being able to offer a range of professional, CAA-accredited UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) aerial photography and video services.

In layman’s terms that means we can take amazing quality photographs and video using a top-end UAV drone quadcopter. More importantly, we do it with full accreditation from the Civil Aviation Authority and with a strong emphasis on safety. Our Managing Director Kriss Bennett has completed his BNUC-S™ course, which is a lenthgy process involving both classroom-style theory tests in addition to an open air flight test. Every aspect of flying small unmanned aircraft is rigorously tested, covering weather patterns, first aid, commercial flight paths and airports and a great deal more.

bnucs-logo          caa-logo

For the photo and video work, we fly as a two-man crew, with Kriss Bennett operating as the pilot, and our Creative Director Toby Pestridge as the Observer and Payload Operator. This means that the pilot has a dedicated focus on flying the drone and keeping within the allotted safe flying zones, and the Payload Operator can focus on getting the right camera angles.


Before each job begins, we carry out on-site surveys to ensure there are no unforeseen obstacles or hazards, and a risk assessment is carefully drawn up. We also make sure we acquire all necessary permissions from landowners for takeoff and landing zones, and most importantly inform the local air traffic control that we will be flying in the area.

In terms of the hardware we use, we have an exceptional piece of kit in the form of the DJI Inspire 1. A carbon fibre construction reduces weight and ensures we get maximum flight times from the powerful onboard battery. An elevating undercarriage system means that we get an unobstructed view from beneath the aircraft, giving the camera full 360 degrees of movement. The camera itself can shoot in 1080p or a full 4k resolution, giving amazing picture quality. We can also shoot 12MP still images and adjust them in post-processing, capturing the finest detail.

If you have requirement for aerial work, then please do drop us a line to see how we can take creativity to new heights! Yeah, that was pretty cheesy. Sorry.