Video games consoles have always divided opinion, and since the days of the Spectrum & C64, Amiga & Atari, many people have picked their camp and stuck to their guns, battling over the minutiae of hardware and software. The Wikipedia page for “console wars” details the intense battles fought over the hearts and minds (and wallets!) of the buying public, and this trend is only set to continue, as the eighth generation of games consoles hits the shelves by the end of 2013.

With this in mind, the team at Createful decided to get a clearer picture of which console is coming out on top via a new web project – the Next Gen Console War website. Announced in the early part of this year, both the XBox One and PS4 have been the source of considerable debate and controversy, and the Console War site serves as a straw poll to see which console is perceived to be this generation’s “winner”.

The idea was simple – allow people to vote on one of two consoles (we deliberately didn’t include other 8th generation consoles such as the Wii U, OUYA and Steam-Box) and then put all the results into a graph that people could view online. Once we had that and the design set up, it was a natural progression to see how we could leverage the social aspects of the poll, and what better incentive than to offer one of the consoles as a prize!

Next Gen Console WarWe decided that using Twitter as the primary means of entering the draw would produce the best results, as it’s been proven to be a quick, simple means of sharing trackable strings of text to a wide audience. The requirements of the draw require three steps; to vote on the site, follow the Createful Twitter account and send a tweet with the WinNextGen hashtag.

The design of the site follows the clean, simple lines of the main Createful site, and we used the Foundation web framework to ensure the site was fully responsive and could be deployed quickly. From initial concept to launch it’s one of the quickest projects we’ve worked on, but we love developing ideas internally, and there’ll be plenty more where that came from!

Head on over to the site now, and if you haven’t already – cast your vote and get tweeting to be in with a chance of playing your part in the Next Gen Console War!