Createful turns eight today, and like many eight year olds we’re moving into a new stage of our development, learning, awareness and ambition.

When I started the business – the world, the internet and technology were all very different places – and as for the word “digital” – well, it had only just started to be recognised as more than DVDs and MP3s – rather than being the entire industry it is today. While social media was gathering pace in terms of traction and potential, it was only just starting to spread its influence into more and more aspects of our lives.
So, Createful was born into this era and like many newborns, and new businesses – we did what we were told Clients said, “We want a website”, so we scoped, designed, built and delivered a website. Clients said, “We want an app”, so we scoped, designed, built and delivered an app.

The digital market determined our behaviour and thought processes, it dictated there were certain ways to structure organisations and deliver services – and we followed this tried and trusted route, albeit with our own approaches, skills and creativity.

Like young children we learned as we developed, became more confident and started to express our own opinions (without, I hope, the screaming episodes we see from toddlers!). We began to understand our strengths and weaknesses, delivered and developed great, award-winning solutions for our customers and as the agency market grew, we grew with it.

But then with this growth, much like a child – we have become more aware of our surroundings, our potential, our responsibilities and have started to ask questions not just of those around us but of ourselves.

  • What do we believe in and stand for as Createful and as individuals?
  • Where do we want to make a real difference and how can we make that happen?
  • What is our purpose?

Now, these all sound very profound and in many ways, they are. But when answering these questions, what became clear was that as a business we have shared beliefs and objectives in making sure that as far as possible, everything we do has a positive impact on the people that use our solutions, the clients that we work with, the society that we want to be a part of, and ultimately the natural environment we all live in.
The pervasiveness of digital and technology on people’s lives is huge, as is its impact on businesses and society. However, I believe that this integration of digital in every aspect of life, brings with it huge opportunities and ultimately great ethical and moral responsibilities.

I’m sure some may be reading this and thinking – “well, that’s all very noble – but it’s just a marketing line – after all many businesses say that they are different – but everyone’s all the same really – just trying to make more money.” Sure, it’d be easy for us to donate money or give some of our time up to local charities – and like many businesses we do, but our absolute focus is on making a real difference, in making sure Createful, the sectors we work in and the solutions and products we produce are sustainable in every aspect and make a direct, measurable positive impact on people’s lives.
We will deliver sustainable digital solutions for a better future.

Everything we do will deliver on business targets and objectives, but with clear human and ethical outputs.

So, talk is cheap – but we have been busy living up to our own goals and have already started delivering on this. How? One way is by actively connecting and working with innovative, proactive global NGOs working towards a deforestation-free economy. We’ve also developed, delivered and implemented solutions within the health and wellbeing sector, enabling those in care to receive more effective support, and helping people to identify and manage the early signs of musculoskeletal issues.

This is not just a blog post looking for traffic – this is who we are, and this is where we are going. We’d love for you to be part of this journey with us and share in our experiences.

We are Createful.

For You. For Us. For Everyone.