The Brief

With a concept for a children's bedtime story, Hue Ink approached us to help breathe life into their ideas. The task was to create a tablet-based interactive tool that could be used to narrate a story, and also provide interactive elements and games. With gorgeous illustrations by Matthew Vince, the scene was set for something magical.

Our Solution

Working in conjuction with Hue Ink, Createful helped breathe life into the app via a process that had our top developers wrestling with fairies, dragons and magic satchels – not the usual development environment by any stretch of the imagination! The end result is a lush, involving digital experience that will keep young and old entertained with a mix of storytelling, games, puzzles and colouring – plus a few secrets along the way!

All the hard work paid off, when, at the 2014 Wirehive 100 awards we were awarded first place in the "Best Use of Mobile" category. Get it from the App Store here.