An event for school age students called Digital Wave was held at the Bournemouth International Centre on the 6th October 2015. A few of the Createful crew went on down to be part of the event and talk to the students…

The event is for students who are interested in perhaps following a career track into the digital realm in the future (whether that be design, development, management or even entrepreneurship). Quite a few local digital agencies were invited to be a part of the event to exhibit to some extent what they do and to answer any questions the students may have.

At Createful, we try our very best to accommodate students who would like an insight into the workings of a digital agency by way of work experience placements, and this was another way for us to help out in a similar vein.

We headed down early to set up our Createful table for the event; bringing some fun things for the students to look at and/or play with – our Inspire 1 aerial drone (looking only!), Leap Motion controller and 3Doodler. We had a little play around with the items before the event started 🙂

The Createful table at Digital Wave

The kids appeared to enjoy interacting with the items we had brought along, especially the 3Doodler, which inspired many interesting creations!

Toby demonstrating the 3Doodler to students

There were talks throughout the day by local successful and influential people including David Burton from Redweb, Bella Lewis-Smith from Salad and Jim Cregan, owner of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. I hope they inspired the students, as they certainly inspired me!

David Burton's talk

Jim Cregan's talk

Bella Lewis-Smith's talk

The last talk of the day, by Mike Hawkyard of Amuzo Games, involved encouraging the entire audience to shout “Bogies!” really loudly.

Mike Hawkyard's talk

All in all, it seemed like a successful event, and we hope to be able to attend similar events in the future!