Seeing is believing

Or so they say, and once you’ve seen one of our app prototypes close up, you’ll believe anything is possible! In our line of work it’s become very clear that while great ideas are free, the process of turning those ideas into something tangible, is not.

That’s why we’ve developed our app prototyping service, putting a rich, dynamic and interactive model of your app into your hands with the aim of user testing or to secure further funding for the final project.

Mobile apps that are released across multiple operating systems, available globally in different languages, that contain dynamic data drawn from databases and have back-end integration and user management come at a price. Not everyone is in a position to cover these costs in advance of a full project build, so an app prototype is an ideal means of proving a concept and getting the right “eyes on” to offer financial assistance.

We produce app prototypes that can be “installed” onto a smartphone or tablet and function much as a real app would – triggered by an app icon and with familiar touch controls such as swipe, pinch and zoom. You don’t even need to have designed the entire app – our skilled visual team can design a comprehensive user interface, and the prototype serves as an ideal tool with which to gather feedback. Contact us today to discuss our app prototype services in more detail.

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