After my recent post regarding my excitement for Apple’s new digital voice assistant (Siri), I thought, after receiving my lovely new 4S through the post, that I should write a little mini review of the pros and cons of Siri. Now, I explained all about Siri in my last post, so I won’t go into all that again, but I have to say that playing with Siri for a few days now has made me realise just how awesome it is.


  1. Reminders. My favourite use of Siri has been using it for reminders. A quick hold of the home button and I can tell Siri exactly when I want my reminder and what I want to be reminded to do. I can even set up locations so Siri can remind me when I get to a certain place, this is done by simply adding addresses in your contact information and saving as ‘Home’, ‘Work’ etc.
  2. Accuracy. The amount of times that Siri mis-understands me is incredibly low. I mean sure, Siri cannot always 100% answer my question, but the fact that it can understand every word I say around 95% of the time is remarkable.
  3. Siri learns. I have noticed that as I lend my phone to other people to try out Siri, it cannot always understand what they say. This has to led to my conclusion that Siri is adapting to understanding my voice, accent and even the way I say certain phrases. For example, Siri knows that (as an original Londoner) I’m not too hot on pronouncing my ‘”t’s”, yet it is still remarkably accurate with converting my cockney gibberish into legible sentences.
  4. Music. Picture the scene: I’m walking home from work, it’s raining heavily, I’m listening to music with my earpiece and want to change song, but don’t want to take my phone out of my pocket and get it wet. This is where Siri comes into play. I simply hold down the button on the earpiece, say “Play ‘What I’ve Done'” and hey presto, the song changes instantly. Siri will even ask you which version of the song you would like to hear if you have more than one in your library. This is also true if you tell Siri to message or call a contact, of which you have many of the same name.

Siri knows when you have contacts with the same forename


  1. US only. The biggest downside of Siri, at the moment at least, is the lack of business and map searches in the UK. This is clearly an issue that can be solved with a future update and when the feature is up and running, I envisage it to be a ground-breaking attribute for me.
  2. Security. Whilst playing around with Siri, I have noticed that, even while your phone is locked, you can still use Siri to text, call, or even obtain numbers and addresses from your contacts. Alas, Siri cannot tell the user their password, but this is still a major security issue. This can be fixed by turning off the ability to use Siri while the phone is locked in Siri’s settings, but then the wondrous other features such as changing music without touching your phone become obsolete.

So 4 amazing pros, 2 cons that can be fixed with later updates. I think that speaks for itself…