Wearable technology is an ever-growing, fast-paced industry, and now that the Apple Watch has been released in a range of styles, it is clear that more attention is being paid to their impact on the fashion industry. In today’s blog we’re taking a look at current and upcoming wearables that are not only stylish, but are also making waves on the wearable market.


Okay I must admit, I rarely wear an outfit with pockets and quite often miss phone calls from my phone being in my bag, so the Ringly has really intrigued me. Ringly uses Bluetooth LE-technology in order to connect to your phone, which then sends you customised notifications by vibrating and lighting up. There is even a Ringly app (available for Android and iOS) that lets you customise the notifications that you wish to receive.

The ring itself is tasteful and available in a multitude of colours. Pre orders are currently being taken and prices start from $195 with the option to ship outside of the US.


Image Source: Ringly

Fitbit Flex by Tory Burch

Fitbit is a brilliant device for tracking how many steps you have taken throughout your day, as well as calorie consumption and weight loss goals. Although the Fitbit has a range of different coloured bands available, it is not the prettiest device in the world. From personal experience I had the Fitbit flex (I have now moved onto the Fitbit one) and I must admit that if I was going out for a special occasion I would take it off as I felt it ruined my outfit. If only I was aware of Tory Burch’s upcoming Fitbit Flex collection!

Launched this summer in the US and with prices within the range starting from $38 and going all the way up to $175 it could be a (slightly expensive) way to jazz up your Fitbit for a glamorous night out.

Source: Mashable Tech

Apple Watch

The Apple watch, which was announced on the 9th of September and due for release early 2015 is stylish and boasts a huge range of features such as fitness tracking, Apple Pay and many more.

There will be three models to choose from when the watch is released; the standard “Apple Watch” version, the “Apple Watch Sport” and gold “Apple Watch Edition”. Although prices for the Apple watch have not been confirmed yet, prices will start from $349 in the US and will likely be around the same price in UK pounds, if not slightly more expensive.


Image Source: Apple

June Bracelet by Netamo

The June bracelet was created by technology company Netamo and is the first commercial bracelet to measure the impact of the sun on your skin. The jewel within the bracelet syncs to an iOS app and lets the user know when they have been exposed to the sun too much, as well as what sun cream factor you should be wearing and how to take care of your skin.

Personally, as someone who burns very easily in the sun despite wearing sun cream, I feel that the June Bracelet could be a revolutionary way to measure sun exposure. It even informs you as to when you need to put on your hat and sunglasses. The price for the app starts at $95 and if it can prevent sunburn and premature skin ageing may be well worth it!


Image Source: Netamo


The Q Bracelet is an innovative new way to charge your smart phone and other devices through an attractive looking bracelet. The bracelet is available in small, medium and large sizes and you can choose whether you have a connector for the iPhone 5 and newer devices, or a micro-USB for most Android and Windows smartphones.

The only downside that I can find with using the QBracelet is that it only charges your smartphone up to 60%, so you may find the need to have to keep taking your bracelet off on the go to recharge your phone. However the standby life of the QBracelet boasts a massive 30 days! The bracelet is now available to pre-order for $79 and is available in an array of colours including Polished, Matte and Brushed styles.


Image Source: QDesigns

Are there any wearables that have caught your eye recently? Let us know!