Making a start in digital – a brief career guide

Penned by on 9 Mar, 2017

Young people have a huge advantage when it comes to digital – as natives who have grown up with the internet, wifi and smart phones, they live and breathe mobile communications. But being properly equipped to get a job in digital doesn’t always come so naturally. What skills do you need to work in a digital agency, and how can you go about preparing for a career in this rapidly evolving industry?

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How the rise of digital technology could shape education

Penned by on 1 Mar, 2017

The UK Government recently implemented a policy focussed on preparing the British workforce for the digital age, following on from a previous report in 2015. Coding has already been introduced to the national curriculum as a mandatory subject, and there’s been a widespread move from chalkboards to technology including tablets, virtual learning environments and video game apps. We’ve been considering what other educational changes may occur over the next few decades…

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